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Medical Intelligence 

The Medical Intelligence Society (MIS) is a unique venue for clinicians interested in data science and artificial intelligence.

Our mission is to create world leaders in the application of data science and artificial intelligence in healthcare through effective education and networking.

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Our vision is of a future with equitable and data driven healthcare  

We strive to achieve our mission and vision through our myriad activities and sister organizations. 
The MIS holds regular interactive educational meetings and is affiliated with the American Board of AI in Medicine (ABAIM), AI-Med and the Medical Intelligence and Innovation Institute (MI4) at the Children Hospital or Orange County (CHOC). 

We are the home society for the Elsevier journal Intelligence Based Medicine

Monthly MIS Meetings

The MIS and the Sharon Disney Lund Medical Innovation Institute monthly meetings provide a unique opportunity to learn about the latest advances in data intelligence and medical innovations, and provide a forum to network with thought leaders in the field. 


AI-MED was established in 2015 by Dr Anthony Chang and has been the pre-eminent force in bringing together clinicians with an interest in artificial intelligence, and has since built a global community of 60,000 clinicians, data scientists, health leaders, policymakers, startups and industry executives. The AI-MED Global Summit is the world’s #1 smart health event. 

American Board of AI in Medicine (ABAIM)

The ABAIM is an affiliated organization formed by a team of leading clinicians and data scientists and is an authoritative body on medical AI education and certification.

Intelligence Based Medicine

Intelligence-Based Medicine is a new open access journal that aims to create meaningful synergy between practicing clinicians, computer and data scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs and others in deploying methods of artificial intelligence and human cognition in the delivery of healthcare with a focus on the clinical perspective and translation of emerging technologies into care practices and patient benefits.

MIS Annual Virtual
Summit 2023 

The Medical Intelligence Society's Annual Global Summit 2023 is a premier gathering, marking its fourth year of bringing together pioneers, clinicians, AI specialists, students, and enthusiasts from all corners of the world.


The MIS Global Summit serves as a vibrant virtual platform where the latest breakthroughs in AI in healthcare are discussed. Through didactic sessions and facilitated networking, attendees not only witness the cutting-edge of medical AI but also build invaluable partnerships. This year's spotlight themes are large language models, equity in global health, AI's transformative role in medical education, and its impact on primary care.


To cater to our diverse global participants, the timing has been picked to cater to audiences in the Americas, Europe, SE Asia and Australasia.

December 8, Friday
11 AM-5 PM PT (US & Canada)
7 PM-1 AM BST (UK)

8 PM-2 AM CET (Europe)
6 AM-12 PM AEST (Australia)

8 AM-2 PM NZDT (New Zealand)

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