MIS Monthly Workshops (US)

Join Dr. Robert Hoyt and Dr. Anthony Chang every month at 10 AM CST/CDT on a Saturday for an educational and hands-on workshop on topics related to data science. We use the data science platform Orange for all demonstrations and exercises. All exercises use medical data. We provide .OWS files so you automatically have the Orange workflow and we will provide textbook chapters from the draft textbook "Introduction to Data Science with Orange."


The first workshop April 2021- July 2022 has just concluded. Our plan is to start another workshop this fall. The tentative dates for the remainder of 2022 are shown below. 

If you are interested please email Dr. Hoyt at rehoyt@gmail.com

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2022 Calendar
September 17

October 15

November 12 

December 17

Workshop - 10

Saturday, January 8, 2022

Dr. Hoyt covered the modules Association Rules and Principal Component Analysis. It will be a combination of didactics and hands-on data exercises with Orange


Workshop recordings will be posted here as they become available.