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Graphs Applied in Healthcare AI
(GrApH AI) working group

The Mission

Apply graph technology

to make healthcare data

AI-friendly from the ground up 

The People

We are an open, sharing community of physicians, data scientists, data engineers, software engineers, students, and others inspired by a common vision

The Plan

We are working use-case by use-case with real patient data to build a foundation of knowledge, a toolkit, and a corps of colleagues to act as a springboard for real-world implementations

Friendly Young Doctor


Recommendation engine to present plan items in real time as you type in the problem 

Appropriate for this patient, with this problem, at this moment

Use Cases

Workflow of working groups.jpg


Clinicians and data scientists collaborate

to break down use cases into bite-sized challenges, which are fed through technical sub-groups until the use case is fulfilled




MIMIC-III is a dataset of de-identified data from over 40,000 patients admitted to the intensive care unit of the Beth Isreal Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, Massachusetts. The dataset is curated by MIT and is openly available on


Our code is pushed to GitHub under the MIT license,

which means we allow anyone to build upon our work

even in proprietary, commercial products


We support those who want to go out and

make things happen in the real world


us on


Data Models

Data models can be shared across use cases

and institutions to reduce the development workload


Learn more at our pages

Get Involved

Come introduce yourself on

and join us at any of our group meetings

(video conference links in the calendar)

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